Pending Inpection.jpgHere is a Seller’s Home Inspection Check List

Exterior Items

    • Trim all vegetation at least 12 inches away from siding.
    • Keep earth 6 inches below / away from siding and all other wood while maintaining a gentle slope away from the structure.


    • Remove moss from the roof.  Pressure washing can often cause more damage than good.  Cleaning solutions and instructions can be found at most home improvement centers.
    • Extend downspouts that drain above ground at least 6 feet away from the structure.
    • Clean the gutters as even small amounts of debris can clog downspouts.
    • Keep trees and branches pruned at least 6 feet away from roof and power lines.

Crawl Space

    • Check for signs of rodents.  Obtain the assistance of a pest control operator to clean and repair any rodent damage.
    • Be certain all earth is covered with a 6 mm vapor barrier with 6 inch overlaps
    • Remove all cellulose debris large enough to be picked up by a standard garden rake.
    • All crawl space vents should be open and screened for proper ventilation.


    • Be sure all bathroom exhaust vents are still attached and lead to the exterior of the structure.
    • Keep insulation clear of soffit vents.

Furnace, A/C Units and Hot Water Tanks

    • Heating and cooling systems should be professionally inspected annually.  Be certain you can demonstrate this has been done within the past 12 months.
    • Hot water tanks are required to be strapped to the wall to reduce the possibility of tipping.


    • Correct slow draining sinks and tubs.  Fill sinks then drain while looking for leaks below.  Repair all leaks if any.  


    • Clear storage away from electric panels, hot water tanks, attic and crawl space entry points so that the inspector does not have to make extra trips back that will slow the process.
    • Remove clothing from laundry equipment and dishes from the dishwasher.  These items will likely be tested by the inspector.
    • Keep the house clean and show ready for the inspection.  Remember the house probably looked great when the Buyer fell in love with the home and made the offer.  Now is not the time to let a messy house cause the Buyer to change their mind.
    • Smoke Detectors more than 10 years old should be replaced.
    • Washington State law requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors be installed at least one per floor and within 15 feet of all bedrooms.  Detectors more than 5 years old should be replaced.