DIY Mistakes.jpg

Do-it-yourself home improvement can be a great way to add value to your home without having to pay builders or plumbers to do the work. But even the simplest of DIY jobs can quickly turn into an expensive mess when tackled incorrectly.

Avoid these common, and ultimately expensive, DIY mistakes:

1. UNREALISTIC GOALS: Home improvement can be an addictive hobby and many enthusiasts fall into the trap of running before they can walk. Start with small projects and work your way up to avoid compounding any problems. 

2. POOR SAFETY: Falling off a ladder, inhaling fumes and slicing open fingers are just a few of the common DIY-related injuries. These accidents not only cause physical pain, but they can also affect your ability to work, and therefore, your income. You are advised to read the instruction manuals that come with any tools you purchase. While painting, be sure to open any windows to help keep the air free of dangerous fumes. 

3. NOT ASKING PERMISSION: Many homeowners tackle major home improvements without first getting permission from the local authorities. Fines for unapproved work can be hefty. Many insurance companies also require proof that an improvement project followed official government guidelines.

4. CUTTING CORNERS: Tight budgets are a reality for many homeowners. It may be tempting to choose tools and materials that are more wallet-friendly, but in the long run, the investment in higher grade materials will be worth it.

5. WRONG MEASUREMENTS: Planning is a vital part of any project. All veteran home improvers follow the golden rule; measure twice, cut once.