Selling a home can be a challenge. Taking care of deferred maintenance, making sure curb appeal is in place, verifying carbon monoxide sensors are in working order, cleaning, painting, decluttering, and more! It is stressful enough for adults and older children; younger children and pets can also be affected by the increased activity. When it comes time to have your home on the market and show it, having a  plan for your dog is essential. In a high-demand market, we definitely recommend having your dog off-site to keep Fido from being stressed during hours of showings. Not sure how to manage that? Here are some ideas:

Remember, when under stress, dogs can become unpredictable – they can get out and run away, they can bite, and they will most certainly bark. Having your dog off-site will ensure you don’t alienate any potential buyer with a fear of dogs. This is key for getting top dollar!