Did you know that builders have a formula when it comes to determining the special, in-demand features a home should have to make buyers put pen to paper? It’s true! For every 500 square feet a home has, there needs to be one amazing feature that most buyers to have a positive and emotional reaction to. If a newly-built home is 2500 square feet, it will most likely sport five incredible features. Since buyer trends and materials change over time, builder designs will also change. 

According to the National Association of Home Builders, in 2021 the top design trends included features such as large windows (including full window walls and folding glass walls that let the outside/inside become fluid), outside living areas that are designed for rainy as well as sunny days, laundry rooms, and walk-in pantries (some with prep area). Additional trends that are often seen in today’s new homes include primary bathrooms with a spa-like feel (especially the shower) and home offices are making a comeback or tucked-away spaces that can be used for virtual school or school projects. Finally, focal-wall large format wallpaper is in-demand, unique tile, textures, and pops of colors make buyers swoon. The key is to use these sparingly and for big impact. 

How can you take the 500 square foot principle and apply it to your home if you are considering selling in a few years? Here are some swoon-worthy features we have seen that can really give your home pop and personality without breaking the bank:

Unique chandeliers and lighting fixtures – if your home’s lighting is basic, update with coordinating fixtures with personality.

Powder room personality – Powder rooms are generally stand-alone spaces, so you can make a big statement without it costing a fortune. Wallpaper, dramatic paint, and light fixtures can really pack a punch. 

Wallpaper – If you have a wall in your foyer or dining room that needs some personality, these may be great walls to add some wallpaper. If you have never worked with wallpaper before and aren’t sure how to design with it, we suggest calling in a professional. 

Front Porch Curb Appeal – What opportunities do you have to wow at your front door? If your door needs a fresh coat of paint, that is a great place to start. But what about planting containers, some sort of art piece or garden sculpture, and porch light that makes a statement?

Kitchen Backsplash – If your kitchen backsplash is boring, tile can really make the space special. Again, if you have never chosen tile before and are unsure how to design with it, call a professional. To get inspiration, just do an image search for “tile backsplash” or head to your local tile store. 

Bring Some Old In – This is not appropriate for all home styles, but if your home is more traditional, an antique statement piece converted to a built-in can provide just the right flair. For example, hall trees that are constructed from antiques or a sideboard that has been transformed to kitchen storage or a bathroom vanity can really pull on the emotional heartstrings of a potential buyer.  

It is important to not go overboard when thinking about how you can add some flair, and the goal is to choose things that have as much universal appeal as possible. If this has you thinking and you need some guidance, reach out!