Do Your Floors Need an Upgrade?

One home upgrade that makes an immediate big impact is replacing flooring. The flooring sets the tone for the whole space and since it isn’t something that can be changed as easily as paint or throw pillows, many homeowners have a difficult time deciding which way to go. We are lucky to have so many options! Here are some things to consider when choosing which floors you’d like to put in your home. 

  • It’s going to be messy – Replacing flooring will require, at a minimum, moving furniture and disrupting the space. It may also include adjusting baseboards and moulding and ripping out existing flooring which needs to be taken into consideration. 
  • Don’t settle – If you find just the right flooring, you may need to adjust your budget. 
  • Unify the space – If possible, make flooring cohesive throughout the home. It makes the home appear larger and does not cut off sightlines. 
  • Pick a Timeless Option – Floor upgrades aren’t typically done on a frequent basis. Try to pick an option that is not super trendy and will look good in your home for an extended period of time. 
  • Keep statements in small spaces – There are many options for creating a big statement with flooring such as installing fun geometric tile designs. Try to keep these in rooms with a smaller footprint. A geometric design across a big area can become dizzying. 
  • Consider Your Climate – If you live in a cold climate, a cold tile will not be fun to step on in the winter. Consider installing underfloor heating, whether it is a type of installation to go under wood floors or ambient heating under tiles. In a warmer climate where you have a lot of traffic in and out of the home, think about the wear and tear that carpeting will endure. 
  • Combine Affordability with Durability – While choosing flooring, consider not only the price of installation, but what it will cost both in time and money to maintain over the years. Carpeting may not be cheaper once you factor in the cost of cleaning them and the frequency in which they need to be replaced. Likewise, hardwood flooring may not be your best option if you have pets that will likely scratch up the flooring. 
HARDWOOD· Can last a lifetime with care
· Can be refinished without having
to tear them out
· They provide a classic look in
a home and work well with various
design styles
· Expensive to Install
· Easily damaged with moisture
or scratching
· Requires regular refinishing
CARPET· Soft and warm under the feet
· Lower cost to install
· Provides cushioning for fragile
people (children and seniors)
· Easily stained or damaged
· Increases allergen level in
the house
· Wears out quicker than hard
surface flooring
TILE· The most durable type of flooring
· Easy to clean
· Many design options to choose
· Grout gets dirty quickly
· Very difficult to remove or
· Cold and uncomfortable under
LAMINATE/VINYL· Affordable and easy to install
· Can be installed over existing
· Many design options
· May be susceptible to water
· Cannot be refinished
· Can look outdated quickly